Why are guitar strings getting loose and how to fix them?

In the perfect case, the string tension on your guitar should be neither too tight nor too loose. Therefore, the instrument will reveal its full potential, and you will always achieve the sound you are aiming for.

To maintain this balance, you need to pay more attention to your strings and know when they need additional tuning or replacement.

In this article, you’ll learn how to tell when your strings are loose, what causes it, how tight your strings should be, and how to tighten them yourself.

Is it normal for strings to loosen up?

If your guitar sounds good and is tuned correctly, it’s okay if your strings are a bit looser. Many guitarists even prefer this because it makes bending and fretting easier.

How lose you feel the strings also depends on the gauge you use. For example, an electric guitar’s strings are looser than an acoustic guitar’s. This is because they have thinner strings.

The lighter the caliber, the looser the strings seem to you.

However, over time, the strings are affected by various factors that cause them to relax to the extent that they damage the sound and make the instrument uncomfortable to play.

Signs that your strings are too loose

If your strings need tightening, you will know easily.

Here are the signs of it:

  • If your guitar sound becomes dull or muffled.
  • If your string buzzes when it is pressed at the 12th fret.
  • If the tone is sharp when you press the string on the first fret and pluck it above the 12th fret.
  • If your strings lack sustain and can’t stay in tune.
  • If the strings bend easily but don’t quickly return to their resting position.

Why do guitar strings get loose?

adjustment keep your guitar guitar in tune

There can be many reasons for the strings to loosen. These are the most common:

Excessive humidity

Excessive humidity can warp the guitar, affecting the strings as well.

The temperature is too high

The high temperature also affects the instrument’s wood and, from there, the strings.

The guitar is not tuned correctly

If the strings are tuned too low, they will feel loose.

Your guitar has low action

If your strings are closer to the fretboard, it may feel like they are loose because you don’t have to push down as far to fret them.

The strings are old

One of the most common reasons is that strings wear out over time and lose their flexibility. If you haven’t changed your strings recently, it might be time to do so. It is normal for very old strings to break. If this happens to you, make sure to check this guide – How to fix broken guitar string?

Misplaced strings

Speaking of restringing, you may not have done it right if you’ve changed strings recently and they feel loose. Make sure that the strings are placed correctly, and if necessary, take them off and put them on again.

Worn-out tuning peg

Over time, other parts of the guitar wear out as well. Your strings may come loose because the tuning peg can’t hold them tight enough.

How loose should your strings be?

As already mentioned, the gauge of the strings depends on how relaxed they will be. This is why there is a difference between an electric guitar and a classical guitar.

How loose your electric guitar strings should be?

Electric strings are looser than acoustic strings because they are thinner.

Electric guitars are used for playing heavier music. Their strings can be played faster, making sliding and bending around the riff easier and more comfortable.

It is normal for them to be looser if they have enough resistance to spring back into place after being bent.

loose strings loose guitar strings

How loose your acoustic guitar strings should be? 

The acoustic guitar strings have a heavier gauge. They are thicker and therefore feel tighter.

They produce a better vibration because they are made to play without an amp.

Acoustic strings should be loose enough to bend them half a step easily.

The most important thing is to have enough sustainability.

If you want to know how to change your strings correctly, check out our guide How to change acoustic guitar strings?

How to tighten your guitar strings?

Don’t worry if your strings are loose – it’s not a big deal.

Define the reason for this, and depending on it, you can apply one of the following actions:

Use the tuning pegs

Each tuning peg corresponds to a specific string. Turn it until the string is tight enough.

Tighten the strings at the guitar bridge

If the action of the strings is too low, tighten the strings on the bridge to raise it.

Replace the strings

If your strings can’t hold a tone and are too loose or stiff – it’s time to replace them with new ones.

Check if the strings are correctly placed

Every time you install new strings, check that you have placed them correctly – that each string is in the right place, that they are not twisted, and that you have wound them correctly on the tuning post. If something is not right, remove the strings and put them back on.

Stretch the new strings after placing them

It is essential to stretch the new strings slightly while tuning your guitar. If they are not stretched enough, they will loosen after a while.

Try a different gauge of strings

If the reason is the low gauge, you can change it to a higher gauge.

To remind you that different calibers produce different tones.

It’s best to go at most a gauge or two and keep in mind what the right strings are for your guitar and how you want it to sound.


Over time, strings lose their elasticity, especially if you play often. Check your strings and adjust them when you feel they need it.

If you are a beginner and something is bothering you, don’t hesitate to take your guitar to a professional who will explain what to do.


Can you play with loose guitar strings?

As mentioned, the strings should be neither too tight nor too loose. If they are too loose, your guitar will go out of tune. Playing will be uncomfortable, and the sound will be poor.

How to tighten the strings without breaking them?

When tightening the strings, rotate the headstock slowly and carefully. Try to feel the string’s tension and stop when it is enough. Also, when it is too tight and is about to break, the string makes stretching sounds.

Should you loosen guitar strings when not playing?

This is a very common question. The short answer is No. The long answer you can find here.

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