What Is A Guitar Truss Rod

truss rod can be adjusted

Ever wondered how a guitar maintains its impeccable playability and stays in tune? The answer lies within a small yet crucial component called the truss rod. The truss rod is …

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How to measure guitar scale length

additional mass of the strings

If you’re a guitarist, you know that the scale length of your guitar is an important factor in determining its playability and sound. Measuring your guitar’s scale length may seem …

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What is a guitar intonation? 

set the intonation

Good guitar playing requires more than just a good ear and steady hand. You also need to make sure your guitar is properly intonated! In this article, we’ll discuss what …

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How To Adjust Guitar Intonation

adjustments to intonation

Playing a well-intonated guitar is essential for any musician. Not only does it make your music sound great, but it also makes playing easier and more enjoyable. But what exactly …

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How To Setup Electric Guitar

guitar to get it playing

Are you an aspiring guitarist looking to get the most out of your electric guitar? One crucial aspect that many players overlook is the setup process. Whether you’re a seasoned …

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How to replace a guitar nut?

underside of the nut

Are you experiencing a buzzing sound or poor tone on your guitar? It might be time to replace the guitar nut. The nut plays a crucial role in determining string …

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How to ship a guitar without a case

inside the guitar case

Shipping a guitar can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have a case to protect it during transportation. However, sometimes shipping a guitar without a case is inevitable. …

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