What Is A Quad-Neck Guitar? 

four necks on a quad-neck guitar

Quad-neck guitars are a fascinating and rare variation of multi-neck guitars that have captured the attention of musicians and fans alike. These unique instruments have a long history dating back …

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The Different Types of Electric Guitars

gibson guitars

Electric guitars have changed the music world, captivating people with their unique sounds and versatility. There are many types of electric guitars, each with its special features and appeal.  In …

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The History of Electric Guitars

invented the electric guitar

Come on a journey through the history of the electric guitar. It all started with an exciting experiment in the early 1900s, and now, it’s a huge part of modern …

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How To Get Feedback On Guitar

feedback without

Whether you’re into rock, blues, or metal, feedback can add an edge to your sound and help you stand out from the crowd. While some guitarists shy away from feedback …

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