What Are The Guitar Frets?

fret wire

Guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world, and their frets are an important part of what makes them so great. But what exactly are frets, and …

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What Is Guitar Octave

guitar fretboard

Are you a guitar player looking to expand your playing skills? If so, learning about octaves is an important step. Octaves are a fundamental part of the guitar, and understanding …

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Why Does My Guitar Sound Bad

guitar sound dull

Do you feel like the sound from your guitar isn’t even close to what it should be? It might seem like a hopeless case, but don’t worry – there are …

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How To Tune 7 String Guitar

tuning seven string

Welcome to the world of seven-string guitars! These unique instruments can offer an incredible range of sound and a great way to explore alternate tunings. In this article, we’ll discuss …

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Guitar Sizes Explained

electric guitar body

Guitar sizes can vary greatly, from small travel guitars to full-size models that are ideal for stage performances. Understanding the different sizes available is essential when choosing a guitar that …

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