What is Flamenco Guitar

flamenco show

Flamenco guitar, the most popular and well-known variant of the Spanish guitar, has a rich history deeply rooted in Spanish culture. With influences from diverse cultures such as Christian, Jewish, …

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Why Does My Guitar Sound Bad

guitar sound dull

Do you feel like the sound from your guitar isn’t even close to what it should be? It might seem like a hopeless case, but don’t worry – there are …

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How To Tune 7 String Guitar

tuning seven string

Welcome to the world of seven-string guitars! These unique instruments can offer an incredible range of sound and a great way to explore alternate tunings. In this article, we’ll discuss …

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How To Remember Guitar Strings

remember the 6 guitar string

Learning how to remember the order of guitar strings is essential for success as a guitar player. At first, it can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry! With a …

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