William Duvall performs covers at the Bernie Sanders

Last night, October 23, Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate, held his “Rock in Bern” event in Davenport, Iowa.
Many well-known musicians took part in the event, including William Duvall – the lead singer of Alice in Chains. Не performed covers of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A. and Tom Perry’s “Won’t Back Down.”

Before singing “Won’t Back Down,” Sanders stated:
“For quite awhile now, I’ve had to listen to a lot of mean-spirited talk from people who do not agree with us, saying they want their country back. But, of course, by ‘back,’ they mean ‘backwards.’ The thing is, I don’t wanna go backwards. ‘Cause that’s one of the reasons why I’m here tonight — ’cause I’m ‘feeling the Bern’ and I wanna take it forwards.”


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