Interview with Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet

The New Jersey band Monster Magnet releases their tenth album „Last Patrol”. In an interview, the band’s frontman Dave Wyndorf shared what his goals were in making the album: “I made a big mistake on the last one by not taking enough time to do it. I discovered the hard way that just because I can write an album in a short amount of time doesn’t mean that I should produce it in a short amount of time. Anybody who listens to the last one and then this one will notice that on the new one, there’s a lot more attention paid to the parts. One of the dangers of modern technology is that you can have ProTools and you can clean stuff up. Nothing against computers or ProTools, but they can be abused, and it was abused on that album, so I was like, Fuck that, I’m going to do a whole psychedelic record with just the stuff that I got started on with Mastermind, and that’s all it’s going to be.” The album is out on the 15th, after that the band plans a US tour – the first in ten years.

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