James LaBrie: Sleight Of Hand – an interview

Canadian James LaBrie, the vocalist of the progressive metal band Dream Theater, released his third solo album “Impermanent Resonance” in August. He defines the album as very personal and emotional.

Regarding Dream Theater’s seventh cinematic album (due November 5, 2013), which they will screen in theaters, in a recent interview, the artist shares:

“It’s amazing, man. We’re all completely pumped and excited. I believe September 19, it’ll be screened in I think, 120 theaters at this point, and they’re adding to that every day. So yeah, that’s extremely exciting. I think it’s the best way to see a band like this; first of all, you can look at our ugly faces on the big screen (laughs), but then it’s going to be in surround sound. It’ll be in surround sound, which is amazing, and we heard some of it, and it sounds fucking amazing. We’re really, really excited about that. It’s exciting. We’ve never done this aside from shooting the two nights in Buenos Aires, which was a huge thrill, and having 16 cameras capture this thing live; it was phenomenal. So I’m looking forward to that, sitting in a theater and watching it and feeling that vibe and that electricity in the room. It’s cool. It’s very cool.”

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